Severe Weight Gain

symptoms: flu or influenza symptoms, severe weight gain, fluid retention, urinating blood, iron deficiency, fevers, aches & pains, kidney stones

Testimonial: Karena A
In June  2003 I came down with really bad flu-like symptoms.  I was working three hours a day helping children to learn to read and was so tired at the end of the time that I just went to my sister’s place three houses from the school,  and crashed for several hours.  I worked for twelve weeks and it was a real ordeal every day.  I had bad pains in the lower back and legs constantly and was always feverish.  I couldn’t understand why flu would last so long.

I normally drink a lot of water but I found I was swelling up and not passing anywhere near as much as I was taking in.  In a few weeks I had put on over forty pounds (25kg) in weight and  I was urinating blood  I went to my doctor who said I just had a bladder infection and prescribed me antibiotics.  Six weeks later it flared up again. The pain now was much worse and I had swollen up even more.

I then went to the hospital and the emergency ward doctor scheduled scans to see what the problem was.  They had taken blood samples and had to wait on the results before scanning me.  That meant the scans could not be done till the next day in which case they told me to see my own doctor and have it done there.   I was only home half an hour when the doctor from the hospital rang to say my iron levels were so low I needed a transfusion. I was then told to take iron tablets to raise the iron levels.  It was left at that.

I went to my own doctor to get the scans done and three stones were found in my kidneys.  One was 1.5 centimetres long.  I was referred to the hospital for treatment, which meant getting on the waiting list.   On December 26, 27 and 28 2003  I went to the emergency ward in sheer agony, with hot and cold sweats and my temperature reached 40 degrees.   I was sent home with anti biotics  and on the 29th they gave me a blood transfusion and emergency surgery to implant a stent because the stones had blocked the ureters.

I spent the next three days in hospital .  They drained off 3 litres of fluid in that time. I  felt a lot better but still had bad infection and I was sent home with antibiotics.  The stent caused a lot of cramping in the kidney area .

The hospital performed a shock wave treatment to blast the stones on  February 18, a month after the stent was put in.  The stent was not real successful.  The stone was still large and still blocking.

On April 13th the stent was removed.  It was found to be rusty , which is why I still had infection.  I saw Gary Powell, natural therapist,  on April 2nd.  He gave me a herbal formula and scalar treatment.  The next day I found I had all my old energy back, like it was some years ago.  My whole health started to pick up fast and my skin colour returned to it’s normal healthy sheen and many of my friends commented on it.

I returned for another treatment on April 15 and  29th  and May 6th , 11th, 12th and 26th.  I lost all the excess weight and felt a feeling of general well-being.  I went to the hospital on May 21st and the X–ray showed no more stones.  I did not even feel them pass.

Tonight, May 26th 2004, I feel fantastic.  I am feeling much better than I have in many years.

Without the help of Gary and Siew Lee Powell I hate to think where I would be now.  Probably minus at least one kidney

Many Heartfelt Thanks
Karena Andrew,  Rochedale Sth.,  Qld.  4123