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Sore Throat, Self Esteem, Complex Emotional Issues, Depression, low self worth, children emotional issues including bed wetting, clinginess & insecurity, lack of confidence, not wanting to go to school, not  drink water, constipation, diet, sleeping.

Testimonial: Renee R

March 2  2007Hello, my name is Renee. I wish to share with you how I met Gary Powell & touch a little on how he has helped me and my family, in the hope that you may relate to some of my story, and be looking for answers & help.

I first met Gary Powell about May 2006. I was suffering from a sore,  gravelly throat. I could not get well, and it had been about 4 weeks or so since I became sick. My brother in-law referred me to see Gary.

After visiting with Gary, I found out that my throat condition was not improving because of some underlying emotional issues. So what started out to be a physical illness – or so I thought, turned out to be emotional.

My husband and I had both been through a lot of struggles, including depression. My husband was also having difficulty obtaining & keeping a job. Our self esteem & self worth was very low. Gary was so quick to pick up on what was really going on. I barely knew him, and he knew stuff about me I had never told him, just by looking at me. I was amazed.

Gary has given me a lot of his time, and always goes more than the extra mile. He has helped me get to a point where I can honestly say that I love who I am, and I feel absolutely excited about my life.

I will be eternally grateful to Gary for all that he has done for my family & I. He has helped me address so many complicated emotional issues that have been holding me back from believing in myself and moving forward with my life.

Before I met Gary, I was choked emotionally. I felt so trapped & held back by my depression & low self worth. My family suffered greatly, as I spent so much time being negative & destructive to myself and them. I couldn’t be who I wanted to be, because I was emotionally unwell.

Gary has also helped me to improve my physical health. I can’t remember the last time that I felt sick, physically or emotionally. I just love my life, and am so positive & optimistic about my future..

The thing that I love most about Gary, is that he is honest & upfront, and he gives you tools to help yourself – instead of giving you a fish, he teaches you how to fish. I love that about him. It has been challenging at times to get out of my comfort zone and try new things, but as I have put my trust in him, I have always been glad of the results.

I am also so grateful to his wife Siew-Lee. She is an amazing support and strength to Gary, and their business. They are the kindest & most giving people I have met. They do not judge, they see people for who they are & can be.

I have had so many successes along the way. I have overcome so many challenges that I never thought I could, with Gary’s help. He has given me strategies that will help me for the rest of my life, to maintain a positive & enthusiastic outlook.

The most valuable tools he has given me, that always create amazing results for myself and my family are:

1) EFT’s
I have been having difficulties with my 3 children’s emotions & behaviour for the last few weeks, and I knew that EFT’s have helped them incredibly in the past. So I made the choice to find time to fit them into my day.

Some of the major problems have been –
• bed wetting
• clinginess & insecurity
• lack of confidence
• not wanting to go to school
• my daughter wouldn’t drink water & kept getting constipated
• my little boy wouldn’t eat healthily – always wanting sugar, & no vegies
• not wanting to go to bed @ night – sometimes they’d still be awake @ 10:30 or 11pm.

Within a few days (4-5), I have been having incredible results that I‘ve never seen before. They are happier & more confident. They love going to school. My daughter comes home from school telling me how she drank all the water in her drink bottle. My son is now asking for a second helping of salad on his plate at dinner and making healthy choices on his own. They are going to bed at night without any dramas.

I have felt so much joy to see the changes in them. It brings tears of joy to my eyes, and gratitude that I have this knowledge from Gary to help them.

The EFT’s have been a major part of my growth & wellness. I cannot recommend them more highly.

2) Attitude of gratitude
This has been the biggest help out of all of the things that Gary has taught me. He has helped me realise that the key to receiving more of anything, is to live in a constant state of gratitude. This brings so much joy to my life to dwell upon what I am grateful for. I have seen massive changes in myself and all that I attract into my life because of this one simple change in attitude.

3) Energy circle
This has brought amazing results into my family’s life. It has taught me more about gratitude, living in a state of joy, and attracting what you want to you. It’s amazing, and it really works! Within 1 week of doing the energy circle, my husband was rung by an employer, and offered a job. He had been out of work for about 2 years.

4) Flower remedies
These gave me emotional stability & helped me get through the emotional stuff while I developed the strategies & skills to help myself.

Also, I had scarring on my cervix from a letz procedure (removing pre-cancerous cells). Gary gave me a flower remedy that softened the scaring & took away the pain & discomfort that I was experiencing during sexual intercourse. This has been a huge help, as my marriage had been suffering due to my disinterest in intimacy, because to me, intercourse meant pain. But not anymore.

Gary has such an amazing amount of knowledge. I know that he will be able to help anyone to improve their health, if they choose to be well.

I have been going on my own now for about 1 month, and with all the strengths I have gained from Gary, I am incredibly happy. He said that his goal was to get me to the point where I didn’t need him anymore. Well, I think he has definitely succeeded.

Thank you Gary & Siew-Lee for your love, friendship, belief & support.

I will always be so grateful for the day I met you both. My life will never be the same. I feel so alive for the first time in my life. I am starting to achieve all the things that I’ve always wanted to, and never believed I could.

Thank you.
Renee R
Sunshine Coast