Physical Rehabilitation

Motor Cycle Accident, Broken Bones, Diabetes, Pulmonary Disorders.

Testimonial: Ruth Coral  Pureau-Bosch
April 22  2006

Recently we engaged the services of Gary Powell as my husband had a serious motorcycle accident in which he broke his right femur, right arm and shoulder.  He also suffers from serious pulmonary disorders.  While hospitalized he was diagnosed with diabetes and one of the medications given him managed to make that worse.

The femur replacement was a “rush” job as the doctors were concerned that he couldn’t take  being under anaesthetic too long.  The consequence of that is that is the X ray shows two screw points exiting the knee bone  into the flesh which causes constant pain.  They did nothing for his arm and shoulder except put the arm in a sling which resulted in the breaks healing at the wrong angle.   Rehabilitation was good while it was being  paid for by medical insurance, state policy then withdrew coverage and at $75 per lengthy session three times a week on a Veterans pension, he was unable to continue  rehabilitation.  We now have our own program to follow through Gary’s advice.

The first session of REAL healing through Gary made very noticeable differences.    My husband had been unable to walk at all without a cane, or walk more than five steps without leg pain, or without requiring a breathing treatment.  At that first session, (done long distance from Australia)  there was a noticeable difference in Paul’s face, much less pain was showing.   After that first session there was a difference to the ‘usual’ chest pain, which Gary explained was because heart and lungs hadn’t done much work lately and they’d got a jump start!  Daily sessions for almost two weeks were fantastic.  Within three days Paul was  walking the length of our home unaided.  The next day he walked from the car up the ramp and into the house without realizing he hadn’t reached for his cane and very importantly he didn’t need a breathing treatment as soon as he entered the house.

Diet, exercise and breathing advice from Gary has been excellent of course.  I know Paul will be off all the medications one day.  Presently he is taking thirteen different meds and dealing with the side effects from many of them.

His last visit to the doctor was promising.   She doesn’t want to see him again for two months and said within eighteen months he should be off the diabetes meds.

In closing,  I have known Gary for over twenty years. His expertise in natural healing, massage, advice on diet, exercise, self-talk, abilities in distance healing and his spirituality is in my opinion second to none.

Gary has been most beneficial to my whole family over the years, healing us from asthma to cancer, advice through pregnancy, counseling through death, all the little aches and pains, burns, jammed fingers and my personal favourite-relief from sciatic pain.  Although a warning as to exactly why I shouldn’t have been far from a bathroom the next day would have been appreciated


Ruth Coral  Pureau-Bosch
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