Painful Joints

painful joints, painful twisted hands, unable to drive

Testimonial: Betty Hayward
June 2007

I caught a virus that affected all my joints. I found it almost impossible to walk because of pain in the knees and ankles and hips and with pain in every joint my life was intolerable. My family and friends were pestering me to have a knee replacement but I wanted to do things naturally. I contacted Gary and Siew Lee Powell of the Pink Waterlily Health Centre who came to my place and picked me up and took me to their clinic for an overnight stay. When they picked me up I could not even sit up, I was so weak I thought I was dying. They treated me with their NCD Zeolites before taking me to the clinic and by the time we got there I was able to sit up and carry on a conversation.

At the clinic I had another Zeolite treatment and ate and went to bed. The next morning was quite a surprise. I could walk normally and was out of pain. I had a SCALAR treatment before I was taken home and Gary put me on daily doses of Zeolites. In a few weeks I was so much better and was so happy to be out of pain and feeling happy again.

January 2008

I had problems with my hands. They were painful and twisted and I could not pick things up or use a pen. Unscrewing jars was really a painful job. I had big problems with buttons and picking up a pen was too much for me. I seem to have damaged a tendon in my right thumb and that means I cannot get a good grip on things. Gary and Siew Lee came to the rescue again and gave my hands a treatment like none I have ever seen before. The result was that my hands were a lot stronger immediately. I have never known any non drug treatment to have such instant results, but this certainly did. I was told I would need up to four treatments but they are so fast and the results come right away.

I can now walk and drive my car. I have not been able to drive for three years so being able to now is a real blessing. Gary has also introduced me to Miracle Mineral Supplement, MMS. Being a pensioner it is hard to afford a lot of special supplements and with MMS being so cheap and so effective I feel I am getting the best treatment at better than reasonable price.

Gary has now intervened three times in my health when it has been at crisis point and I feel he and Siew Lee have saved me each time.

If you have some tricky health problems I recommend Gary and Siew Lee and their highly specialised treatments

Yours Sincerely
Betty Hayward 18 Feb 08