Feeling Unlovable

guilt, sadness, sexual abuse,  feeling unworthy of love, low self esteem

Testimonial: Judy S
I received treatment from Gary Powell to rid myself of hang-ups that had built up in my 52 years of living.

1.    I had recently lost a dear friend of nearly 19 years and the treatment helped me tremendously with my grieving process.  I will always miss my friend,  but feel I can deal with the loss much better now

2.    I had feelings of guilt about leaving my second husband almost ten tears ago.  I know now that it was the only course of action I could take under the circumstances.  He was a violent alcoholic who had threatened my life on several occasions.

3.    Because I was sexually abused as a child and raped in my late teens and again in my early twenties, I have had a great deal of trouble on the intimate level with my husbands.  However, I believe now that  I will be able to trust again and be open to a fulfilling relationship should the opportunity present itself.

4.    Another issue that bothered me was that I have never really felt worthy of love, because my mother always favoured my brothers and neglected me.  But now I know that I am person of worth and completely loveable(HEY!).  I even like what I see in the mirror now and I feel myself smiling most of the time

This treatment has boosted my self esteem so much.  I don’t care what others think of me anymore because I love me – probably for the first time in my life  I am truly content.

I have been to other therapists and counselors over the years and got sick of them telling me I was over the problem because I could talk about it to them.  I was never over it until I was treated by Gary Powell and it was a very gentle way of doing it , without having to re-live the experiences over and over.

Judy S,    Redcliffe,   10 March  2004
April 27 2007