Blood Poisoning

syringomyelia, trembling hands, toxic cellulites, diabetic, heart problem, blood poisoning, back injury, lack of energy
Testimonial: Bob Thayer – Chiropractor
I have been a practising chiropractor for over 35 years. I always had a heavy workload and as a result I suffered a stroke in 1985 which resulted in syringomyelia. I was not expected to live and the medical authorities told me there was no hope. For many years after I suffered bad pains in most parts of my body.

I started taking vitamins and minerals and read everything I could get hold of on natural treatments and diet. A friend introduced me to Ifax treatments and it certainly did me a lot of good. I regained most of my health and was able to continue working. However, I had troubles. My hands shook all the time and I had no balance. Because of the memory problem I retired in 2002 and in January 2004 I met Gary Powell, a natural therapist. At this time I was suffering with toxic cellulites in my right leg. The doctors told me I had a bad case of blood poisoning and would die. The leg came up to twice normal size and was very red and very sore. Twice while suffering with this I passed out and was hospitalised. On another occasion I passed out while getting in my Jeep and the Jeep ran over me , badly injuring my arm.

In April 2004 Gary treated me once with his Scalar machine and the next day the leg looked really good and also felt good. I was used to waking at 2.30 am with pain in the leg and the morning after the treatment I woke as usual, but there was no pain, the leg was down to it’s normal size, there was no redness at all. It has not come back. A good friend of mine died from this illness five years ago.

I suffered from a heart problem also and in July 2004 a pacemaker was inserted. I went back to Gary for further Scalar treatment and he gave a series of ten in a week. I am a diabetic and have a lot of trouble with lack of energy and I always had to take a rest every afternoon, and sometimes even in the morning. Since being treated by Gary I find I have much more energy and vitality and my mental abilities have really improved. I have more zest for life and more endurance now. This week I drove an old four wheel drive from Toowoomba to the Sunshine Coast, 370 kilometres, with no problem at all. Just a few weeks ago I could not have done that because of tiredness. The Scalar treatments have given me much more pep.

I have seen Gary doing body work on a man who injured his back in a fall from a high ladder. When he came in for treatment he was badly limping on one side and in great pain. As a chiropractor I was very impressed when I saw Gary balance this man’s body and relieve the pain. He used a Chinese technique and backed it up with Scalar treatment. When the man left he was walking normally.

Gary and his wife are caring practitioners and are also well versed in herbs and nutrition. They make some very effective remedies themselves and I have benefited from one in particular. They also have some simple but very effective techniques for treating emotional problems and I saw a friend get over chronic depression in just one visit. This was amazing, because my friend had been going to psychotherapists for many years.

As a health professional I consider Gary and Siew Lee Powell to be excellent practitioners and would not hesitate to refer anyone to them

Yours Sincerely
Bob Thayer D.C.
September 2 2004