What Patients Say About Pink Waterlily and….

Over the Years, Gary and Siew Lee have treated a lot of people for a lot of different conditions. Many of them have been kind enough to make statements about how they have been helped.

We have attempted to categorise these testimonials by heading. However, the conditions that many of these people have suffered from are so complex that is it impossible to give the page a proper heading. eg. the Physical Rehabilitation page has a testimonial, which deals with broken bones resulting from a motor cycle accident as well as diabetes and pulmonary Disorders. How can you adequately categorise that?

The minor heading on each page mentions the major conditions the patient was treated for. It will give you an idea of the content, but if you want to get the full picture, you’ll probably need to read each testimonial in full. So, please feel free to browse the testimonials.

If you have been treated by Gary and Siew Lee, please feel free to leave your own testimonial below, or on a page, which already deals with the condition, and we will categorise it, if we can.