Ross River Fever

Stephen Vinson
P.O. Box 151
Glasshouse Mountains
Qld 4518

Testimonial to Gary Powell

For about 5 years I suffered with Chronic fatigue Syndrome. Four years ago I was also suffering with Ross River Fever and poisoning from chemicals used on fruit orchards. I was in constant pain in all parts of my body. My doctors could not pinpoint a cause or provide any relief. At this time I was on sickness benefit because of not being able to work.

The CFS was so bad that just eating breakfast would make me feel so tired I would have to lay down after I finished. I could only do very small amounts of work at a time before I would have to lay down. If I made an attempt to work for a day the ensuing tiredness and pain laid me low for the next few days. There was no relief. Being a farmer didn’t help at all.

Gary Powell is a natural therapist who specialises in CFS treatment, diet, herbs, hepatitis and ADHD treatments. I met Gary when I was at my lowest ebb nd began treatment. Although the treatment required a lot of self discipline, the results were well worth it. It is now 4 years since the treatment which ran for 21 days and I have had no relapses. All the symptoms of Ross River Fever and Chronic Fatigue have never returned and my health has greatly improved. I have control of my life again.

Since the treatment I have been able to get back to hard work again. I’ve done twelve months backbenching timber in sawmills, a lot of fruit picking, and furniture removal work. This type of work was totally out of the question before, where now I can enjoy doing this. I’ve also done mountain climbing, as recreation with my children, tennis and horse riding as well. I also took up flying as well

My wife and I would highly recommend Gary to anyone who has any of these maladies and who wants to get control of their life again. Being in my mid forties life is starting to get exciting once again, Thanks to Gary I would be happy to speak to anyone requiring verification of this testimonial

Yours Truly
Steve Vinson