Who is Gary Powell?

Gary Powell is not your usual type of naturopath. He is very irreverent at times when it comes to fitting into the mainstream and this gets the backs of certain people right up. He once had a mobile practice and thumbing his nose at the medical profession who were at the time referring to natural practitioners as witchdoctors, he named his practice “Witchdoctor on Wheels”

He was ticked off by a woman herbalist who ran a school in the mountains out of Sydney for it, also. She said it was most unprofessional, but his idea was that people needed a sense of humour and the name became well known and he was never short of patients. Several told him it was the name that attracted them.

Gary started off in life with infantile convulsions that almost killed him at 18 months. At age six he developed rheumatic fever and had to wear flannelette singlets every day, hot and cold, for the next six years. He says he remembers them with no love whatsoever. He also had a lot of penicillin injected in that six years. That really hurt. That jab in the buttock and the stiffness and pain that lasted for several hours was not welcome at all.

According to the then current medical thinking this was protecting him from a relapse of the rheumatic fever. He had constant bouts of flu and that required lots of sulphur drugs as well. Those were the days of parents being scared their kids were going to die of all sorts of maladies. If one of the children stood on a nail in a building site they were immediately rushed to hospital for a tetanus shot. Gary always came home from the hospital with an aching and swollen arm and sick in the stomach until he managed to get to sleep. The next day the arm was still swollen and red.

His parents had him take a course of tetanus shots which were supposed to last for life. How he hated the days he took the shots. And being a normal kid he ran around in bare feet and stood on nails a lot. He could not understand why he had to have a booster tetanus shot every time if the course was to last for life. He asked a doctor why and the doctor couldn’t answer him. An eight year old kid asked a simple question that the doctor had no answer for so at that age Gary started distrusting doctors. But an eight year old has no authority and cannot refuse to be jabbed with anything doctor thinks necessary.

An old bushman told Gary’s parents how kids in the bush were always puncturing their feet and not getting tetanus. When they got a bad cut the parents simply washed the wound with kerosene and put a bandage over it to keep it clean. This old bushman also pointed out that the nails at the building sites were shiny and clean so were very unlikely to cause any damage. That was the end of the interminable tetanus shots.

At age 12 a doctor was doing the yearly medical check and asked Gary’s mother why he was wearing a flannelette singlet in such heat. He told her it was totally unnecessary for them and to stop putting them on Gary. He also said Gary should be allowed to play sport to build him up. He had been forbidden to do anything at all that might tire him and at age nine looked more like a six year old. However, Gary’s father could not rid himself of the erroneous idea that Gary should be wrapped in cotton wool for his whole life. So no sport.

At age 14 he again had rheumatic fever and the doctors said he would be lucky to survive it, and if he did he would have a weak heart for life and would be severely restricted in what he could do. He was still getting three or four bouts of flu every year and getting shot full of penicillin and sulphur. He had green eyes with large yellow flecks as he grew up and still has his first passport and driving license describing his eye colour as hazel.

When he was 25 he was involved in an accident that left him with bad spinal injuries.  That was the start of his taking a deep interest in natural medicine. Three years in and out of hospitals and not getting any better had him feeling suicidal.  A hippie friend took him to see a naturopath/chiropractor  who did what Gary describes as magic on his back.  He was able to walk and bend again, with no pain.  This got him started on the path to learning everything he could about natural medicine.

Over the next 40 years he learned much and as far as he is concerned he is still learning.  He traveled widely and always sought out the local native healers and amassed a load of knowledge that has helped many people where conventional medicine had given up.  Some of his teachers had very little in the way of material possessions because they treated mainly the poor.  However, they were happy people and the locals made sure they never went hungry.  These people lived close to nature and never had any ambition to be filthy rich.  They were very spiritual and saw no reason to have cars when horses and bikes could get them where they wanted to go.  They were never in a hurry and it was nothing to see a woman of 90 carrying two buckets of water on a yoke. In the area of Torres Strait Gary has a lot of friends from the days he worked up there.  He always loved the simple ways of the island people and how they shared everything and looked after each other.

Another Story

A little about Gary
On the lighter side

I was once a guest of Gary Powell, the guy who uses some very unusual but effective methods to heal people of just about anything.  There was a time when I saw a video of him removing a splinter from his ten year old daughter’s foot with a wicked looking bayonet, and she just calmly sat there and let him do it.  He once put his hand into a lot of bees and let them sting him because had an arthritic back.  He has to be nuts, but he said it saved him a lot of pain.  He put some clay type of thing on the stings and told me the pain of the stings left in about a minute.

It may have worked for him but I sure am not going to try it.
I have spoken to many who had some awful problem with their health and were penniless and he got them well and didn’t send them a bill. They love him.  But some say his methods are certainly very different to anything else they have experienced.  I was at his home one day and his daughter came in crying with an eyeful of fine sawdust.  Gary filled his mouth with water and held her eye open and pressure blasted that water into it.  “Well it works, doesn’t it?” is all he had to say.
When I look at the situation it was very practical and results were instant, the little girl was wet but had no more pain and there was no irritation left, so who can argue with that.
But his curry is his crowning achievement. However, be warned, it is not for the faint hearted.  You have to be tough, very tough, to really appreciate it.  Gary was once trained in the art of stealth and I have seen him come and go from beside a person without them ever being aware he was there, in broad daylight.   There have been the unnerving times when I have been walking somewhere with him and I turn to speak to him and he is nowhere to be seen. I turned to the other side and there was no sign of him at all.  A few seconds later and he is suddenly right beside me. This may be the original Ghost Who Walks.  he does it even when there is no cover for a hundred yards for him to conceal himself.
He makes his curry the same way.  It sneaks up on you, but unlike Gary, who simply scares you, the curry goes right for the jugular.  The first time I tried it he did warn that he made it  for himself  and not for strangers, because most couldn’t handle it.
I thought,  ” What’s he on about.  If he can take it, I sure can too!”
Big mistake!!!
I took a small taste and it was absolutely delicious.  I just had to have the recipe but no way was he giving it out so I determined to sneak into the kitchen and get a bowl and back-engineer it so I could make it at home.  I managed to get in by creating a little diversion at the other end of the complex that required Gary’s attention.  I got a bowl of curry and a bowl of rice and retired to my cabin with the loot to enjoy my ill gotten gains.  The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.
I settled in to eat while some beautiful Polynesian music wafted in through the bamboo curtains.  The taste was superb, and I wasted no time in demolishing the lot. I was happily trying to work out the ingredients when the curry went into it’s second phase.
My temperature seemed to rise several degrees, my tongue and mouth felt like I had chewed on a hot  exhaust pipe. My ears started burning and my hair stood straight up and fell back in tight curls with a definite singed smell.  My dentures melted in my mouth and the glaze cracked on my remaining teeth.  I could not see for several minutes because my brow was so hot that sweat blinded me.
I headed for the cool water but that turned to superheated steam on entering the mouth.  My entire body broke out in a profuse perspiration and soaked my singlet and lava lava so that the cool wind blowing in the window started an evaporation process and I started to feel a little cooler at last.    I wondered just what sort of fiend Gary really was.  I later heard he was expelled from The Hot Place because of this curry.
Half an hour later I was recovering. My head was no longer in orbit and I could see again.  My clothes were feeling quite cool because of the sweat evaporating and there was this absolutely heavenly after taste of this secret weapon he calls a curry. The curry goes into phase three  the next morning about 5.30 a.m.  You wake with this boiling in the gut and head straight for the toilet. Do not delay getting there.
This is when you begin to know what a jet fighter’s afterburner feels like.
That is Gary’s private curry recipe.  As stated, it is absolutely beautiful, but you need to be as tough as a lumberjack with a leather throat and a cast iron gut to handle it.  Good luck, and may the force be with you.
I began trying to analyze it and here is what I came up with.
  • 1 cup of Thai chilies
  • 1 Cup of birds eye chilies
  • 1 cup of petrol (Gasoline)
  • 1 pound of one inch nails
  • 1 stick of polar gelignite

Place all ingredients in mouth and ignite the gelignite.   You know the rest

I don’t think Gary has yet woken up to the fact that this curry is the only medication he ever needs to prescribe.  It will kill any disease fast.  The problem is that it might kill you too.
It is wise to stay on his good side in case he does some dirty little trick like give your wife a packet of the ingredients to innocently cook up for you. He has the most twisted sense of humour you could ever wish to find.  I don’t know if he is an evil genius or something that fell out of The Hot Place.  Maybe it is true about him being expelled from there.  How can a man who loves classical music, little children and old dogs possibly have such a devious mind as to come up with these man killers

I am not signing this because I want to live a lot longer