Welcome to the world of Qigong.  You pronounce it chee koong.  Qigong is a Chinese medical art that uses no drugs whatever yet achieves amazing results.  It is used in the Chi Lel hospital not far from Beijing

This hospital is the largest of its kind in China. The Centre avoids medicines and special diets in favor of exercise, love, and life energy. It is recognised by the Chinese government as a legitimate clinic. Over the years, the Center has treated more than one hundred and eighty diseases, the overall success rate being more than 95%.

When a patient enters the hospital, he is diagnosed by a doctor and then assigned to a class of fifty or so people for a 24-day treatment period. He spends most of his time practicing Qigong, eight hours a day without television, newspapers, or telephone.  In 24 days the patient is usually completely well.

Gary and Siew Lee Powell of the Pink Waterlily Health Centre are qigong practitioners who teach on the Sunshine Coast.  Through teaching Qigong, they want to help people:

  • break away from the idea of a drug for everything;
  • learn to stay in top health
  • prevent disease from entering the body
  • cope with the frustration and anxiety that comes from stress

They believe that to be in good health you must be fit and happy and spiritually in tune.   The classes are kept to a maximum of 25 people and students learn not only the physical side of the art, but also the mind and spirit sides, to keep you balanced.

Gary and Siew Lee will  teach a qigong course over eight weeks starting at 8.30 am on Saturdays.

Bookings are essential.  The number of students is limited to 25.  Starting dates to be announced as soon as the first 20 applicants are received.

Price :  $200 per student.  Pensioners $150.  We will need to sight your pension card

In summary, some of the benefits of Qigong include

  • Increased stamina and strength
  • Relaxation and tranquillity
  • Better cognitive function
  • Resistance to illness
  • A general feeling of well-being
  • Strengthened immunity

You don’t need a uniform to practice qigong, or any special equipment.  Just loose fitting comfortable clothes is all that is required.  Bring a pen and notepaper.

The first level is  over six weeks with a free Saturday for those  who need specialized attention to get their techniques right.  Study of Qigong can help improve the life of anyone, and its ease makes it perfect for the young, old, sick and healthy.

We look forward to hearing from you or perhaps a friend who could benefit from these classes.  Please call 07-5445 9537 for more information.
Gary & Siew Lee Powell.


1. Commencing Form
Good for regulating breathing and maintaining the balance of blood pressure; strengthening the function of the kidney; calming the nerves and alleviating knee arthritis

2. Broadening one’s chest
Particularly good in curing neurasthenia, insomnia, hypertension and relieving mental fatigue

3.  Dancing like a rainbow
Effective  for regulating blood pressure, aiding digestion, alleviating gastric ulcer, shoulder pain and reducing fat deposit in the waist

4. Circling arms part the clouds
Build up strength in the waist and the legs and enhance the breathing capacity of the lungs.
Also effective in the treatment of duodenum diseases, strengthening of the kidney function and increasing the chi of the body.  Particularly good for  those who suffer from dizziness, palpitation and short breath.

5. Swinging  at stationary position
Effective for alleviating neurasthenia, shoulder and knee arthritis, loins muscular fatigue, asthma and bronchitis

6. Rowing Boat in the middle of a lake
Strengthening the function of the digestive system, and effective in alleviating intestinal and gastric disorders, and relieving pains in the waist and legs.

7. Holding a ball in front of the shoulders
Particularly good for those doing intellectual work in the calming of the nerves,  relieving  strain and stress, restoring energy and inducing sound sleep at night

8. Turning to gaze at the moon
Accelerating blood circulation in the waist area, improving the digestive function and reducing fat deposit in the waist.  Good for the treatment of muscular fatigue of the loins, overweight and intestinal and gastric ulcers.

9. Twisting waist and pushing palms
This movement will accelerate blood circulation to the far ends of the four limbs, which are regulated by the spleen.  Thus it is effective in  strengthening the function of the spleen and reducing blood clots in the brain vessels.  Good for curing malfunctions of the spleen and stomach, neurasthenia, and pains in the waist and legs

10. Hands in the clouds on Horse riding posture
This movement will accelerate the circulation of the blood and vital energy throughout the whole body. It is good for the treatment of neurasthenia, gastric ulcer, indigestion and rheumatoid arthritis

11. Scooping from the sea and viewing the sky
This movement  can increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the waist and thighs. It helps regulate blood pressure, calm the nerves and improve blood circulation

12. Playing with the waves
This position is particularly good for building up the strength of the waist and legs.  While the weight of the body is supported by the lower limbs, the upper limbs are relaxed by  gentle breathing. Thus it is good for those who suffer with neurasthenia, high blood pressure and knee arthritis

13. The flying dove spreads its wings
This movement is particularly good for relieving strain in the chest. Good for the treatment of indigestion, liver and gastric disorders.

14. Punching with outstretched arms
Good for relieving mental strain and stress and expanding lung capacity

15. The flying goose
Effective for strengthening the functions of the spleen and kidney, and regulating blood pressure.  Recommended for those who suffer with kidney trouble, low blood pressure and dizziness.

16. Spinning wheels
This movement will greatly build up the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the waist and abdomen.  Effective for curing postural low blood pressure, loins muscular fatigue, and promoting the circulation of blood and vital energy throughout the whole body and restoring energy

17. Bouncing a ball with steps
Good for relieving mental tension and bodily fatigue

18. Pressing the palms in calmness
Good for regulating the breathing and maintaining the balance of blood pressure; strengthening the function of the kidneys;  calming the nerves and alleviating knee arthritis

Gary and Siew Lee Powell 07 5445 9537