Back Pain

My name is Mike.

A little over a year ago my back started to give me pain and I wasn’t sure what to do about it because I had never used chiropractors or anyone like that. I felt a bit nervous about people messing with my spine. But eventually it go so bad that I decided to have some treatment and I went to a chiropractor and I was told that with intensive treatment they would be able to fix it for me .

Consequently I was being treated three times a week for a period of a month, but it made no noticeable improvement. In fact I started to have pain higher up my back instead of just at the base of my back, where it originally started so I discontinued treatment and just battled along. I found it difficult to walk and could not run and couldn’t pick things up. Even sitting at my desk at my office was painful.

The chiropractor I was seeing had done Xrays and he had a complete map of my back and he said to me the problem was in the bottom of my back towards my coccyx and that it had rotated forward and to the side.

I bumped into Gary at church and he read my face while talking to me and told me exactly what the chiropractor told me with the aid of Xrays and scans. He suggested I go to him for treatment. I didn’t go for a while because I didn’t believe anyone could fix it . I believed it would be a degenerative problem that would get worse over the years.

A few weeks later I was at a demonstration Gary and Siew Lee were involved with and they needed a volunteer for a back massage and asked me. At the time my back was really in a lot of pain so I promptly volunteered. Siew Lee gave me a fantastic back massage and used only light pressure. I lost consciousness, I was so relaxed.

When the massage was finished 40 minutes later I awoke and I felt fantastic. No pain at all.

I made an appointment for a consultation a few days later and Siew Lee gave me another massage and Gary also manipulated my back, using my legs, and he taught me a qigong exercise to do daily that would realign my back and also strengthen the muscles that support it. I was amazed because in a couple of weeks the pain had completely left me and now I can walk and run again. I have not had any pain since and have even been doing farm work, putting in fence posts.

It is almost six months since Gary and Siew Lee treated me and I can again bend and pick up things as I used to do in the past . It has been a most wonderful experience. I’ve got no more pain and I am getting stronger.

Mike Rawlings

Sunshine Coast

August 22 2010