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Please do not ask for specific advice on a particular medical problem on this site. It is unethical for us to provide attempted answers to such questions without following the proper protocol. There are too many variables. You may ask for a cure for kidney stones or rheumatoid arthritis. However, without examining the patient first, there is no way we could have any idea of what other health problems there may be. We could give advice that may prove detrimental by cutting across treatment the patient is having for something else.

We don’t claim to be medical doctors, we just search for often suppressed and little known information. Any statements made by Pink Waterlily Health Centre are solely our opinions and in no way constitute medical advice.

Opinions expressed in material written by others are their opinions, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Pink Waterlily Health Centres. Sometimes other writers may say something we are sure is incorrect. For example the writer may say cow’s milk is great and parasites are bad. We happen to think that neither cow’s milk nor parasites are great for humans, but we won’t torpedo the entire article if the overall information is helpful.

There is a lot of information that mainstream media will not let you see. We are just one of many sites that want to help you learn what is available in the way of natural good health, and how to avoid becoming a permanent patient of the drug companies and medical equipment companies. If we can help the nation become healthier by natural means it could also contribute to a healthier economy, because we would not be spending billions of dollars on drugs every year. That money could be diverted to providing more jobs outside the world of disease and death. Why should we send a massive slice of our national budget overseas to Big Pharma?

Why do governments want to build massive hospitals that are completely incapable of handling a real emergency, such as a large plane crash? Wouldn’t it be better to teach people to stay healthy so that hospitals can take in a large number of injured people at one time?

The bottom line is, there’s no profit in that for Big Pharma and governments look after the big end of town first.

To stay a little healthier, perhaps we could take a lesson from the Japanese. ┬áIn Japan every workplace has it’s exercise leaders and every morning, the staff do their ten minutes of exercise. The Japanese are generally a lot healthier than the Westerners, and they live an average of around 10 years longer.

Sometimes we may direct you to other sites such as youtube.com. We suggest that you have a look as soon as possible, because some of the material that finds it’s way there is red hot information and we have seen some pulled off the air in as little as six hours.

Gary Powell.