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This isn’t over, and it never will be

gastroesophageal reflux disease and obesity healthy It was a cool idea. I’m all about embracing new technology and not being afraid of it, so I was totally up for the challenge.”. Meggett has long seemed determined to be judged not by the family name but on his own merits. Meggett’s father, David, 45, a two […]

Deuteragonist: Cor, foiling Aravis as the Protagonist

In her first few appearances in the Star Trek Novel Verse, her hair colour was described inconsistently. The solution was obvious; she likes to dye it. This causes a few problems aboard Titan, with its diverse alien crew. Lovable Alpha Bitch: Blair, see Rich Bitch. MAD: “The Yaks Of Life,” in which “Mrs. Ewing […]