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Schizo Tech: Here we have cavemen armed with laser rifles

Black Speech / Sacred Language: The nameless language of the Hethe. Fortunately, it’s rarely revealed to non Hethe and only one word at a time. Blue and Orange Morality: Both the Arkn and the Dekn seemingly operate according to this. Crossover: Sort of. Numbuh 3 appeared four times in Big Boogey Adventure. In “Modern Primitives,” […]

The 46 year old unemployed labourer comes here each day after

Paul shaking hands across the Mississippi River, a design not seen on Twin sleeves since 1986. Not bad for a team that wouldn’t even exist today if the owners’ contraction plan had gone through. Take that, Bud Selig!. It’s very, very saddening. Anything that myself or the Rays organization can do for his family, you […]